Bobo is a cheeky monkey, always curious about the world around him. Jabba is his best friend, who as it turns out, knows a lot about the world around him. Together, they explore, question and learn about the world with Science!

In this series books, we introduce some of the basic concepts of nature to young minds (and some old ones too ;)). >

Enjoy Bobo's and Jabba's adventures!

Bobo discovers the world of Atoms. Read his adventure on Amazon!
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Bobo wants to know why his ice cream is melting!
Jabba, ofcourse, knows why and is excited to teach his friend about Heat.
Read it here!

Want to keep up with Bobo and Jabba?

From time to time, my kids and I do simple, fun, hands-on activities that illustrate basic science.
Stuff like water rockets, 'eggs'-periments (;)), balloon races etc.
Since a few of you asked, I decided to send out a newsletter, every month, where you'll get the details of one good 'science' activity to do with your kids.

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